Auto Care Association would like to thank the following data resources for contributing information to this 2018
edition of the Collision Repair Trends: Industry Statistics & Analysis:
Babcox Media, Inc.:
A publisher of automotive
industry magazines. babcox.com 330-670-1234
A research firm providing replace-
ment rate data for more than one
hundred motor vehicle parts and
services, released quarterly. automotiveresearch.com 800-654-1079
National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration
NHTSA provides a variety of
resources critical to motor
vehicle and highway safety
through technical information. nhtsa.gov
Bureau of Labor Statistics
The principal fact-finding agency
for the Federal Government
in t
he broad field of labor
economics and statistics. bls.gov
Independent Statistical
Provides a statistical reporting
service to the property and
casualty insurance industry. iss-statistical.net
National Automobile Dealers
Association (NADA):
An automobile dealer association
providing data on new car and
truck dealerships and sales. nada.org 703-821-7000
DesRosiers Automotive
A consumer market research
firm that specializes in the
Canadian automotive sector. desrosiers.ca 905-881-0400
Mitchell International:
Provides information solutions
to the collision industry mitchell.com
Transport Canada:
Develops regulations, policies
and services of transportation
in Canada. tc.gc.ca/eng/menu.htm
IHS Markit:
Provider of advanced automotive
information services and statistical
reporting in the automotive
marketplace, including exclusive
access to U.S. motor vehicle
registration data. ihsmarkit.com 800-464-7655
U.S. Department of
Transportation (DOT),
Office of Highway Policy
Information (OHPI):
Serves as the national source of
surface transportation data. fhwa.dot.gov
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