Auto Care Industry
Sales per channel
The share of sales through the three main c
hannel groups is expected to remain s
teady through 2021. The
dealer channels are expected to maintain t
heir 30.1 percent share of all sales. The retail channels are expected
to provide 35.4 percent of all sales with the remaining 34.5 percent handled by the service channels. Within
these groupings there will certainly be channels that outperform. The new car dealer channel is expected
to just outperform the overall market. Within t
he retail channel, electronic shipping and mail-order houses
will see annual growth at more than twice that of the overall market, making up for underperformance in
the automotive parts and accessories stores.
Industry Retail Channel Outlets
Outlet Type200920102011201220132014201520162017*
Auto Parts Stores35,70835,40935,58335,70236,065 36,444 36,453 36,622 36,889 0.4%
Department Stores4,9364,8524,9064,8944,839 4,758 4,683 4,665 4,647 -0.8%
Discount Stores8,1648,2499,3519,3809,299 10,188 10,481 10,437 10,389 3.1%
Hardware Stores and Home Centers26,77026,43425,52725,09724,707 24,522 24,262 24,423 24,176 -1.3%
Grocery and Convenience Stores111,455113,508115,027116,328117,851 119,014 119,054 119,324 119,351 0.9%
Drug Stores52,91854,47154,70956,41161,064 62,300 62,916 63,697 63,305 2.3%
Warehouse Clubs4,6694,6624,8284,9925,652 5,827 5,972 6,073 6,176 3.6%
Total Number of Outlets244,620247,585249,931252,804259,477 263,053 263,821 265,241 264,933 1.0%
Notes: * Preliminary
Historical data have been revised.
Not all department, hardware, home center, grocery, convenience, drug and warehouse club stores sell automotive products. Sources: Auto Care Association, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Within t
he retail channel convenience has also become a driver. Drug store outlets, discount stores, and
warehouse clubs have seemingly sprung up on every corner growing annually at 2.3, 3.1, and 3.6 percent.
The auto parts store, which is the industry’s source for auto parts and consumables, remains remarkably
stable in outlet presentation, considering the widespread consolidation of auto parts retailer in the past
decade. The number of outlets has been gradually moving toward 37,000, many of which have been
rebranded and upgraded over the past ten years. The future growth of the channels is impacted by
the emergence of e-tailing, which will continue to grow faster than the overall market.
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