E-tailing Deeper Penetration Implications,
Strategies and Comparative Analysis
Digital investments include innovations to bring the endless aisle into the store. Endless aisle is a retail
model in which shelf space is extended to the brand’s full catalog of products and accessible content
(e.g. you go in store and they have computers where a consumer can look up any product they have in
catalog, regardless of if it is present on the floor in that store).
Home Depot Appliance Finder Source: Press releases, Home Depot website
What is it?

Why and how?

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Why and how?
Home Depot offers DIY enthusiasts a platform to share tips and get expert advice. The Home Depot
community is a thriving brand-owned community where DIY enthusiasts can interact with the retailer directly
and, more importantly, interact with like-minded individuals. Visitors can check what topics are trending or
look for specific categories.
Industrial supply industry e-tailing
The industrial supply industry also mirrors the automotive aftermarket in some ways, including a multi-stage
distribution network, a similar good-better-best tiering of components and a heavy B2B concentration
with a focus on both closed and open e-tailing platforms. Here the e-tailing is still in its early stages
(13 percent e-tailing penetration) and the distribution channels have yet to be significantly disrupted.
With manufacturers increasingly establishing their own direct channels in this environment, distributors
are preparing for the threat of e-tailing by in a variety of ways:
Companies are partnering with pure e-tailing players and distributors are building their own
e-commerce platforms.
Companies are focusing on value-add services to differentiate offerings.
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