Other Digital Disruptions in 2030: A $30B Opportunity
Est. economic value, $B in 2030
Predictive maintenance
Drivers benefit from less downtime
Aftermarket players gain deeper customer relationships,
opportunities to intervene
D i g i t al s u p p l y c hain
Drivers benefit from faster DIFM repairs]
DIFM shops benefit from improved efficiency
Aftermarket players benefit from less inventory
Connectivity for quality
Aftermarket players reduce fraudulent warranty claims and intervene
early to reduce recall costs
Manufacturers use sensors in the field to reduce next gen R&D costs
Major disruptions ahead
As mentioned in the preface, the auto care industry is facing several technology driven disruptive trends
in t
he years ahead. While e-tailing is the most present trend with economic value creation that members
can capture. several other trends are just ahead for the industry. Digitization is an emerging theme in the
aftermarket, and players across the value chain a
re making significant investments in new technology in
order to be ready for the future of the business.
Several disruptions are expected to transform the industry, creating significant economic value through
productivity and efficiency gains across the value chain:
Digital supply chain r
epresents the biggest opportunity, especially in the independent aftermarket. Industry
4.0 (the trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, commonly referred to as
the fourth industrial revolution) has multiple digital innovations that could address the infrastructure and
inventory burden of high availability and short delivery times.
Connected car technologies are expected to improve vehicle reliability with predictive maintenance, while
the car of the future will be safer and in fewer collisions due to new ADAS and autonomous technologies.
Data generated from such technologies will allow independent auto care industry players to not only
improve the quality of components, but also deepen customer relationships with timely interventions.
However, these opportunities can only be harnessed if the industry and consumers are allowed access
to the data by automakers, a task which Auto Care Association is actively fighting for.
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