Other Digital Disruptions in 2030: A $30B Opportunity
As digital supply chain a
nd connected vehicle technologies mature, we anticipate a convergence of the
technologies and an exponential effect on the value chain. In the long-term, connected cars will connect
back to a digital supply chain t
hat will help to improve the quality of parts, streamline inventory, steer
customer behavior and drive further efficiencies. All of this will happen against a backdrop of increasing
new mobility business concepts enabled by autonomy.
While this sounds very futuristic, we see early signs pointing in this direction. Technologies are already
emerging in the heavy commercial vehicle space that harness the power of vehicle data to increase
uptime, design and drive supply chain e
fficiency. Meanwhile a range of investment in early stage pilots
and start-ups show that the light vehicle industry is readying itself for the future.
The e-tailing channel is still the growth leader and it will remain s
o for the foreseeable future. Its
momentum is still strong, however it is starting to converge with the overall market.
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