Research Methodology
Part categories
The DIY and DIFM surveys asked respondents about their digital behaviors and preferences across 22 part
categories including: air conditioning parts, appearance accessories, batteries, belts and hoses, brake
parts, chemicals, driveline parts, electronic modules, engine parts, exhaust system parts, filters, handling
and performance accessories, ignition parts, lights and lamps, motor oil, radiators, sensors and emission
control, starters and alternators, suspension and steering, tires, transmission parts, and wipers. More detailed
descriptions of these products can be found below.
Additional questions in the survey captured further insights at the product category level along the consumer
decision journey (CDJ) including:
Initial consideration (retailer choice, delivery expectations);
Active evaluation (research habits, online vs. offline purchasing criteria);
Loyalty loop (comparisons of online vs offline across purchasing factors such as price, availability, etc.); and
Speed and extent of digital penetration by product and segment.
Triangulation with other sources
We utilized a number of credible industry publications on the topic for purposes of triangulation of our estimate
of the e-tailing share of the automotive aftermarket. Our results are consistent with previous studies, which
include reports from the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), IMR and Forrester.
Appendix: Product category definitions
Air conditioning parts
Appearance accessories
Belts and hoses: Belts, hoses,
timing components
Brake parts: ABS parts, calipers
loaded/unloaded, drums,
hardware, master cylinder, pads,
rotors, shoes, and hydraulic parts
Chemicals: appearance,
maintenance/service, gas and oil
Driveline parts: constant velocity
driveshafts, constant velocity
joints, front wheel drive parts,
universal joints
Electronic modules: engine
control modules, relays, security
and detection units
Engine parts: camshafts, engine
bearings, other engine parts,
fuel injection parts, piston rings,
pistons, engine valves
Exhaust system parts
Filters: oil, air, cabin, fuel,
transmission filters and kits
Handling and performance
Ignition parts and spark plugs:
ignition parts, ignition wire sets,
spark plugs
Lights and lamps
Motor oil
Other: equipment and tools
Radiators and engine cooling
parts: radiators, thermostats,
water pumps, other heating and
cooling parts
Sensor and emission control:
emission control parts, mass
airflow sensors, oxygen sensors,
other sensors
Starters and alternators
Suspension and steering parts:
chassis parts, rack and pinion
steering units, shock absorbers,
struts, other
Transmission parts and clutches
Wiper parts: blades, arms,
and motors
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