U.S. Motor Vehicle
Auto Care Industry
Introduction to Channel Forecast Model
A business narrative including the history, information sources, management resources and
benefits derived from the model
Forecast Assumptions
A comparison of last year’s forecast assumptions versus actual results and a business narrative for
the forecast horizon
U.S. Motor Vehicle Auto Care Industry
An overview of the U.S. motor vehicle auto care industry, including the automotive (i.e., light vehicle)
and the heavy duty industry
Auto Care Industry Sales History and Forecast
A summary of the U.S. auto care industry with historical data and forecast
Auto Care Sales by Distribution Channel
Overall sales of auto care parts and services for the primary consumer-level channels of distribution
Auto Care Segmentation
Data on the size of the automotive segment of the industry, including DIY, DIFM and tire markets
Auto Care Service and Retail Channels
Outlet counts for the service and retail channels of distribution
Auto Care Service and Retail Outlet Analysis
A comparison of average sales for selected service and retail outlets
Program and Retail Distribution Summary
An overview of the major groups, presidents, year established and the number of WD members,
jobbers and member service centers
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