Auto Care Sales by Distribution Channel
Auto Care Sales to End Users by Sales Channel (USD Millions)
Calling our readers’ attention to the previous page, the largest channels in 2017 were new vehicle dealers ($80 billion), general
automotive repair shops ($41.6 billion) and automotive parts and accessories stores ($32.2 billion). Major channels (over $5 billion)
experiencing the highest 4-year CAGR (2013-2017) were electronic shopping & mail-order houses (9.9 percent), warehouse clubs &
superstores (6.1 percent), car washes (3.8 percent) and automotive oil change and lubrication shops (3.8 percent). During the past
four years, the overall industry CAGR was 3.8 percent and is forecasted to continue growing at a projected CAGR of 3.4 percent
through 2021.
In 2017, auto care parts, accessories, tires and services for light vehicles were sold directly to consumers through 41 channels of
distribution. Because eight (8) of these channels were very low volume, they were placed in the “other” category. These 41 channels
represent all of the establishments selling automotive products and services.
Notes: # Estimated * Forecast (**) Auto Parts and Accessories store sales include those sales to the general public.
Source: Auto Care Association / AASA Channel Forecast Model.
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