U.S. New Motor Vehicle Registrations
Registrations of new and used motor vehicles
Top 10 Light Vehicle Registrations
Sales data for the top 10 passenger cars and light trucks
U.S. Motor Vehicle Population
Data on the characteristics of the motor vehicle population, including licensed drivers, registrations,
average age and scrappage rates
U.S. VIO Perspective
American consumers continue to demonstrate a strong preference for import name plates
Hybrid Vehicles
Information on hybrid vehicle registrations by state and model
Vehicle Operating Costs
Consists of data on light vehicle operating costs, including fuel, maintenance and tire expenses
Miles Traveled And Gasoline Affordability
Data on fuel consumption, gasoline prices, miles traveled, cost of oil and gas
mileage tips
Gasoline Affordability and Fuel Consumption
Consists of average gasoline prices, fuel efficiency and consumption by vehicle type and average
annual miles traveled
Crude Oil and Diesel Fuel Costs
Includes U.S. crude oil imported acquisition cost and producer price index for diesel fuel
Vehicle Registrations
and Usage
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