U.S. Total Motor Vehicle Population
The number of registered motor vehicles
in the U.S. grew to 280.6 million in 2018.
The number increased by 0.7 percent
from the previous year’s 278.6 million.
Of the 280.6 million total vehicle fleet,
light vehicles accounted for 272.3 million,
while medium and heavy-duty truck
registrations totaled 8.2 million (page 62).
The overall scrappage rate was 5.7
percent of the overall light vehicle
population in 2018 and the highest since
2013 (page 63).
The trend in aging vehicles since 2002
has continued unabated right on through
the 2008-2009 recession. For the seventh
consecutive year, the average age of all
vehicles has reached or exceeded 11
years. The longevity of all light vehicles
reached 11.7 years in 2018.
Evidence of the aging light vehicle fleet can
be seen in the age mix of vehicles. This
chart shows that vehicles in the 11+ year
old category now comprise 48.7 percent
of total light vehicles (up from 36.3 percent
in 2008) and is growing at a compounded
annual growth rate of 3.6 percent. It is
this analysis that helps to explain how the
industry can sustain growth in concert
with fluctuating gasoline prices and
gradually increasing miles driven.
U.S. Motor Vehicle Population (VIO), 2008–2018 (In Thousands)
Note: *2018 VIO was affected by one-time enhancements to how branded (scrapped due to collision, fire, flood, etc.) and export vehicles are handled which caused
the appearance of muted year over year growth.
Source: © 2018 IHS Markit
Source: © 2018 IHS Markit
U.S. Light Vehicle Population, 2008–2018 (In Thousands) 000’s
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