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Join the Auto Care Association, AASA and IHS Markit for an exclusive in-depth look at the size, growth rate, and outlook for the automotive aftermarket. This session includes insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the size of 2020 market and forecasts for 2021-2023. This data will be shared with members first during this webinar before it is released to the public in the 2021 Auto Care Factbook, due to be released this month. Shane Norton, Senior Principal – Economics & Country Risk Consulting, IHS Markit and author of the Joint Forecast Model, will share valuable insights on the many diverse parts and pieces of the automotive aftermarket. This includes a live growth forecast and a member-only Q&A session to provide attendees with additional insights and perspectives. Since 2002, the Auto Care Association has partnered with AASA to produce the Joint Channel Forecast Model, a single industry view of the size, growth rate and outlook for the automotive aftermarket.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Auto Care Association. The materials used in this presentation are the property of the presenter.

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Table of Contents


Authors: Auto Care Association; AASA; IHS Markit

Table of Contents

The Aftermarket Joint Channel Market Size and Forecast

Author(s): Auto Care Association; AASA; IHS Markit
Keyword(s): Year Over Year Growth; workforce development; sales and services; forecast, aftermarket, development; light-duty, summary, covid-19, dealers, revenue, macro drivers, sector growth, gdp; live growth forecast, insights, size, growth rate, outlook
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Speaker(s): Bill Hanvey, Auto Care Association; Paul McCarthy, AASA; Michael Chung, Auto Care Association; Shane Norton, IHS Markit; Philip Atkins, AASA;

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