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Welcome to the 2
edition of the Mexico Market Report. The Auto Care Association and Integrate Data Facts (IDF) are
pleased to again provide this informative and environmentally responsible publication in digital format.
This exciting, industry exclusive second edition of the Auto Care Association Mexico Market Report highlights many upward
trends we are seeing in today’s $23.8B auto care industry in Mexico. The market is so dynamic we saw significant change in
many key areas: increasing VIO (even with higher gas prices); stable but rather high average vehicle age; rising employment
in the
auto parts and automotive industry; deep differences between the VIO of Used Imports vs. VIO of Vehicles sold new in
Mexico. Your Mexico Market Report takes a deep dive into these topics and many more, providing all of the information you
need to thrive in the dynamic Mexico aftermarket -- which is projected to be an industry of over $25B in 2021.
Your Auto Care Mexico Market Report is providing this data and analysis through interactive and enhanced online features.
In this 2
edition, you will find:
Updated “Mexico Important Facts” (p. 4),
Gasoline prices (2008-2018) (p. 5)
Detailed Manufacturing employment in Mexico for Autoparts and Automotive industry (p. 12)
Distribution information “Mexican Retail Chains” Number of Stores (2010-2018) (p. 25)
Global VIO through Dec. 2017, by IHS Markit (p. 28)
An extended Industry Forecast from 1961 through 2027 by IDF (p. 32),
Updated Mexico New and Used Imports Total Vehicle Sales (p. 32-36),
Age of Vehicles in Operation (As of Dec. 2018) (p. 40)
VIO - Top 10 Vehicles (As of Dec. 2018) by IDF (p. 41)
Miles traveled by State, Total miles traveled, (As of Dec. 2017) by IDF (p. 44)
Miles traveled vs. VIO Market Share Chart by IDF (p. 45)
VIO Comparisons, Used Imports vs. Vehicles Sold New (As of Dec. 2018) by IHS Markit and IDF (p. 47-50)
This digital publication allows you to:
Turn pages with the click of a mouse.
View pages in a variety of sizes and formats.
Access resources and websites through live embedded hyperlinks.
Quickly locate what you are looking for through a “word search” feature.
Download Excel-based files, charts, tables and graphs.
Save material for future reference through the “bookmarks” feature.
Thank you for celebrating our 2
edition with us. We look forward to many more years of providing what you need to run your
business in Mexico with the industry’s must-have flagship publication, the Auto Care Association Mexico Market Report in
partnership with Integrate Data Facts. Bill Hanvey President & CEO
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